NM 96 cover

Can we just skip this one?



No?  Fine.

It’s not that this was a horrible issue.  As far as Liefeld art goes, it’s not half bad (although his inability to accurately draw the way a female can move is portrayed well in here).  This issue…well…it’s just boring.


Jubilee, Rictor, and Boom-Boom continue their flight from Magistrates.  They easily take down a pair of soldiers and the mutate tracker decides to follow the trio like a lost puppy.  Meanwhile, the free mutants on the island from the various x-teams plan their assault.  A team of “quiet” powers will be used to free the prisoners while the rest will assault the president’s office.  The quiet team consists of Cable, Marvel Girl, Sunspot, Forge, and Gambit.  I assume by quiet, they mean those whose powers are not naturally noisy as well as those who can easily conceal themselves (which is why Beast, Iceman, and Archangel aren’t included).

Elsewhere, Rahne goes through the mutate process.  Of course Hodge has a special plan for her.  He wants her to remember deep down that he was responsible for her condition.  Genegineer warns Hodge against this, but what’re you gonna do?  Hodge is a villain, after all.

Jubilee, Rictor and Boom-Boom stumble on the “quiet” team ironically making a lot of noise (blame Gambit, it’s actually his fault) as they battle a large group of Magistrates.  The trio hide, waiting for the battle to end which it does when Hodge shows up with Wipeout who erases all powers of those present.  Then Rahne shows up, totally obedient to the Genoshans to announce that if they submit to the mutate process, the Genoshans will be merciful.


This issue continues the trend that was started last chapter in which the mutants of the various teams discover that their powers are simply no match for the Genoshans.  The plan doesn’t work which results in the capture of the “quiet” team.  I have some issues with this particular chapter, but the art actually ranks low on my complaints.  First of all, the climactic battle of this issue barely lasts 3 pages and doesn’t even take up every panel on those pages.  They are taken down because they simply lose their powers?  Kind of boring, especially when most have plenty of skills completely unrelated to their powers.

I did like Cannonball’s admiration of Cyclops.  I always appreciated his looking up to the senior members and for him to still seem like a teenager being called up to the big leagues was enjoyable (once Simonson leaves we completely lose this youthful enthusiasm).

Oh, and get this.  Cannonball is supposedly going with Cyclops’ team, but in the big battle (by “big” I mean barely worth talking about) we see him flying around, hitting a magistrate.  Not sure if Liefeld and Simonson had a disagreement or if Liefeld was just that out of touch (I’d be willing to believe either).

Heck, this issue is so forgettable, I don’t even remember when I got this issue.  I know it wasn’t terribly hard to come by (as opposed to the previous issue when Warlock dies – that one was a bitch), and I was thrilled when I got it, but it’s not like I look forward to reading it whenever I get to this point in my collection.

Bottom line, is this issue isn’t the worst of the cross-over by far.  But that’s the only real compliment I’ll give it.