Old Man Logan #1

Old Man Logan 1 cvr

Release Date:  June 27, 2015

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So it’s interesting…some of the Battleworld books take us to alternate realities that are based off events that happened in the standard 616 universe.  Others take us to futures continued in alternate timelines that never existed in the 616 MU.  It’s confusing, but Old Man Logan is one of those.  The original story was incredible, although there were times it felt like every other standard apocalyptic future.  Wolverine, while under Mysterio’s influence, slaughtered the X-Men.  The rest of the heroes were killed too when all the villains decided to team up.  Wolverine, no longer Wolverine but just Logan, went on a killing spree in the future, taking out the Hulk crew and ending with Red Skull (or maybe the other way around?  it’s been a year since I last read the story and I don’t want to dig out the issues).  Pretty bloody story.  Sometimes I think that’s all that Mark Millar wanted to do.  But the artwork was incredible, so it was worth overlooking.

This appears to continue it, not necessarily on a different path, but on the same path it would have taken.  It definitely turns out to be better than the Inferno attempt that came out the same day.

Logan - burn it down


Some guys are playing poker.  They all seem to be wearing Daredevil uniforms.  One is wearing an Iron Man helmet.  As they play, they discuss rumors that have come out of the Old Man Logan series, including the Hulk gang going silent.  But they also mention hearing of a guy.

Interestingly enough, a “guy” shows up to interrupt their game, telling them to stop their game and get the hell out (apparently they’re selling kids).  The leader, “Gladiator”, hops up, brandishing two guns, ordering his buddies to kill this stranger (seriously…if you can’t guess who the stranger is by now, you should pick a hobby other than comic books).  This guy, with claws, proceeds to tear into them, no matter how many bullets are fired.  Eventually they force him through a window and Logan (yes, I gave it away, but seriously…was there any doubt?) crashes into the street below.  Even more thugs open fire once Logan gets to his feet.

Guess what?

Yep.  He still kills ’em.

Except one.  One seems to be genuinely scared and Logan orders him to take off the mask.  It’s obvious this kid has no idea who Daredevil even was.  It was all in good fun.  But it ain’t so much fun anymore.  So Logan kills him (what…did you think he was going to get away?).  Logan turns and leaves the people he was “freeing”.  The girls are a bit ungrateful, but before he can even scold them for being brats, a bullet bounces off his cheek.  He finds a young boy (probably around 10) holding the gun.  Apparently Gladiator was this kid’s father.  Logan leaves the kid alone and rides off into the sunset.  Seriously.  Into the sunset.  I’m pretty sure this was an intentionally used cliche, but I’m not sure why.  But just like John Wayne.

Although I’m pretty sure John Wayne doesn’t threaten to return and burn it all down if the survivors don’t rebuild into something useful.

Even as Logan makes his way across the desert, back home (I assume?), an object crashes from the sky.  It’s an Ultron skull.  I’m just glad after Logan picks it up, he doesn’t start into “Alas, poor Yorick.  I knew him, Horatio…”  Although the look on his face certainly suggested he thought about it.  He takes the skull back home where the baby Hulk he took away from the Hulk clan is staying with Danielle (daughter of Luke Cage…i think…it’s hard to keep track of these future things).  There’s a bit of banter and pleasantries back and forth as Logan prepares for another trip out to try and figure out where the Ultron skull came from.  There is a mention that maybe this skull was from an Ultron dealt with by the Thors, which is a nod to the overall Breakworld land where the Thors are kind of like the international law enforement bunch.  Logan packs up and leaves Danielle and the baby.

Logan gets to Hammer Falls, Nevada (it’s where Thor’s hammer still lies…although why that’s still the case when there’s the army of Thors is beyond me).  He finds what (or rather “who”) he’s looking for in one of the run down buildings.  He runs into someone familiar.

Jean?  In her green/gold Phoenix costume?  Well that makes no sense.

And Logan knows it.  It’s Emma Frost and she quickly drops the illusion.  One of the Illusions, anyways.  “A lady has her pride.”  As they talk, it turns out that after Emma arrived in Hammer Falls, some other visitors showed up:  the Punishers.  Another gang, I assume, looking to emulate the Punisher.  As Logan explains that he was here looking for Ultron Eight, hoping for answers on the Ultron Five head (I really have no idea what’s the difference or how you tell), it slowly dawns on him that Emma was not entirely successful in her encounter.  As she drops her last illusion, we see an older woman, lying in a pool of her own blood.

Logan leaves shortly after, making his way to a wall.  I’m not entirely sure, but it seems like the wall to this particular realm of Battleworld.  He starts climbing straight up.  Yep.  That’s it.

Now we gotta wait for next issue.  Argh!

Alas, poor Yorick...
Alas, poor Yorick…


The one thing I especially like about doing these reviews of current comics is that I get to discover more about them that maybe I missed in my first read.  When I go through classic issues, I’ve already read every single one of them 4, 5, or even 6 times.  But this one I’d read once.  Now, I’m noticing and piecing together more clues.  Bendis is great at that.  He doesn’t throw things in your face.  He uses dialogue and subtle visual clues to completely immerse you in the world he chooses.  He drops hints.  Take the wall, for instance.  It’s not clear what it is, but after re-reading this issue, it makes sense for it to be a wall into another Breakworld (especially when you consider that A-Force set up that each world is separated by these walls).  It’s also just the slow start to a story that I think I may actually look forward to.


  • The art.  It’s gritty, dusty, and fits the tone perfectly.
  • The writing.  I love Bendis’ ability to build things up slowly.  He drops hints and wets your appetite without giving too much away.
  • Battleworld.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this ties into Battleworld.  It already makes it seem as though Logan’s going to explore some of the other worlds.


  • The slow pace.  I’m not entirely sure how long a series this will be.  My concern that it will only be 4-5 issues which makes a slow start a killer as we don’t have time to waste.  Maybe I’ll be proven wrong.  Maybe it’ll go twelve issues in which case Bendis has plenty of time to build things up, but it’s just a concern I have.

Honestly, this issue was enjoyable and as of its release, it’s by far my favorite of the Battleworld titles (just FYI, that only includes A-Force, Inferno, and Old Man Logan).  It’ll be hard to beat and is the only issue so far that’s left me wanting more.

Nope...sorry.  Not Jean.
Nope…sorry. Not Jean.



Logan:  “I’m old enough ta remember a time where it hadn’t all gone ta Hell.  It doesn’t have ta be like this.  I’ll be back here.  And I damn well better see something that looks like something, or I will burn the place down and let someone else start all over again.”


Danielle:  “How’re you doin’?

Logan:  “Healed.”

Danielle:  “And the Gladiator?”

Logan:  “Not so much.”


Logan:  “You had a hell of a run.”

Emma:  “Yeah?  I miss teaching.”

Logan:  “Me too.”


Emma Frost