Years of Future Past #1

Years cvr 1

Release Date:  June 3, 2015

Chrissie Pryde

Ugh…  you know, I actually had this one all together and ready to go a couple days ago.  and as I was finishing up, I hit some key on my keyboard and the browser closed and I lost all my changes.  so pissed!  Not even sure what I did.  but it kind of delayed things a bit…

Days of Future Past (Uncanny X-Men #141 and 142) is one of the most iconic stories ever told in the 50 years of X-Men comics.  To my knowledge, it really kick-started the “dark future” of the X-Men.  So many versions of the story have been told over the years (including, of course, a major motion picture).  So to revisit this story-line was to bring back one of the classic X-Men stories and had the potential to be one of the best of Battleworld.  This particular story appears to be from a world when the X-Men never sent Kate Pryde into her younger self’s body, although that’s only conjecture at this point.



We start by seeing a girl resembling Kitty Pryde walking through the deserted ruins of New York.  She rummages through a pharmacy.  Suddenly, a tiger leaps out at her, but she is saved by a familiar face:  Wolverine.  He helps her gather her things back together and we find that her name is Christina (“Chrissie”) Pryde.  As they talk, the way an uncle would talk to his niece, we also find out that Wolverine has a son:  Cameron.  He walks her back towards her destination until he can’t go any farther.

As Chrissie makes her way through, she is stopped by a Sentinel.  Before the Sentinel can hurt her, Chrissie’s mother, Kate Pryde, aka Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat, shows up.  Kate reveals that Chrissie was on official business for the United Doomstates (a reference to the overall Secret Wars arc).  Of course, Kate may have been lying, but as Kate helped to capture some crucial mutants ten years ago, the Sentinel takes her at her word (I’m really curious who those mutants were).

Chrissie and Kate reunite with other mutants in the internment camp:  Colossus, a wheelchair-bound Magneto, and Rachel (of course!).  After they are greeted, comments are made about how fifteen years of captivity are ending.  Methinks they’re gonna try and break out.

In the air, in Air Force One, President Kelly laments about the mutant problem.  Apparently, the public is softening on mutants (wait…what does Kelly care?  I thought this world was ruled by the Sentinels…).  There also seems to be a clear ideological difference between the administration and the public…kind of reminds me of the liberal/conservative battle we have.  Don’t worry…  not going to turn this into a political blog, but it really does seem to be what the author was going for (Kelly refers to “bleeding hearts”).  Kelly, however, has a plan to convince people that mutants are really a menace.

Back at the internment center, the mutants make their move.  They escape the center and attack the Sentinels.  As the battles continue, one Sentinel blasts Chrissie, who hasn’t shown any mutant power – apparently none have manifested yet.  She appears in pain, but suddenly she turns into some sort of liquid metal (yup…just think of the T-1000).  With a single swipe, she decapitates the last of the Sentinels.

Elsewhere, at a military base, a man wakes up two mutants who have been kept in chemically induced comas for fifteen years.  You may have heard of them.  Blob and Mystique?  Sound familiar?  The man is a representative of a group for mutant liberation and they want Mystique and Blob to stop Kelly’s lead mutant enforcer:  Kitty Pryde.

As the battle rages, Phoenix heads off after getting a call from Storm.  Then Blob and Mystique show up.  So does Wolverine and his son.  Cameron (Wolvie’s son) kills Blob by phasing into him.  Just as the mutants survive a building dropping on them, a new Sentinel shows up.

It’s Green.

Oooh!  scary!

X-Men free



  • Chrissie.  I actually liked this addition.  I loved the idea of a metal Mr. Fantastic.  I also really loved her optimism.  It was a nice touch to have someone in this horrible world who still embodied the ideals that Xavier had tried to instill in his “children”.
  • Doom.  Almost every Battleworld book mentions Doom as the overlord at some point.  But most seem to treat him as a simple monarch.  This is the first one that really seems to treat him as the god of the realm.  Kelly refers to him as god and they even use his name when one might reference god.  I thought this was a nice touch.


  • Kelly.  Seriously…shouldn’t he be dead?  The whole premise of this world is that Kelly died and that resulted in the horrible future.  So why the %$^& is he alive and President?
  • Phoenix.  Okay…so other than the fact that she shouldn’t be in this universe (see my X-Tinction Agenda review), she definitely shouldn’t be able to manifest Phoenix powers considering that the only reason the Phoenix bonded with her was when she went back in time and the Phoenix mistook her for Jean.
  • Franklin.  Seriously…where is he?  He was among the captured prisoners, so why isn’t he here?

The art itself was decent.  Kind of reminiscent of Alan Davis, but not quite as refined.

Okay…so you know how I mentioned at the beginning that this story had some awesome potential considering the source material?  Well…

They blew it.

Big time.

I seriously am left wondering if the author has even read the original story, because this really feels like just some poor story that is trying to capitalize on the name of the original, rather than expanding on it.  So many details from the original have just been ignored.  They billed this as the universe that Claremont created, but it is barely recognizable.

So far, that’s two out of three stories that are based on some great source material and fall well short of what they could have been (still waiting for the print version of X-Men ’92 so I don’t have anything to say about it).

Chrissie Pryde - Copy



Chrissie:  “What’s barbecue sauce?”

Wolverine:  “Oh, kid, you’re breaking my heart.”


Chrissie:  “You’re a jerk.”

Wolverine:  “Yeah, but I’m cute.”


Sentinel:  “Little mutant…  You are in trouble now.”


Kitty Pryde:  “What ever species wants, what every species needs, is a fighting chance.”


Chrissie:  “I can’t think any world is so lost that we can’t turn it around.”