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I have yet to do a post like this.  I normally just go over comics I’ve been reading, sometimes newer ones, but typically back issues (I’m up to the mid 90’s!  see my latest post here).  But this seems to be such a heated topic that I just wanted to do it.  It came up in a discussion with some friends on Facebook about how many great scenes there are with Kitty and how much she’s often used to rant on social issues or maybe to lay the verbal smack down on somebody in the comic.  In fact, she seems to do it more often (and better) than any other character.  I felt a collection would be nice.  I’ve tried to remember various times when she’s done this but I’ve no doubt forgotten several.  So if you can remember any other great moments of Kitty just dropping the bomb on some poor sap, let me know!

I also have to acknowledge a friend who gave me the name (it was so unintentional that she didn’t even remember giving me the name) that I would use here.  She has a blog over on mahmusecomics and is way too smart for her own good, so check them out (link to one of the articles here).

And now, on to the KITTY MONOLOGUES!

Kitty was often best when she was controversial.  She wasn’t afraid to use “taboo” terms to get her point across.  Sometimes it wasn’t necessarily directed at anybody, but was just a speech.  Sure, a speech to shock, but it was still her on her soap box, making people think.  In New Mutants #45, a young undiscovered mutant at a nearby school to the Xavier teens was bullied by classmates into killing himself.  They may not have known he was a mutant, but they knew he was quiet and weird and they threatened to call X-Factor on him.  He was a mutant.  One with the ability to create light sculptures.  So Kitty spoke at a school assembly and laid into the crowd as only she could.

Kitty Eulogy

Kitty was often also good at staring down racists, sometimes throwing their racism back in their faces.  Again, she wasn’t afraid to use language that was unbecoming a young woman of 14/15 years old,  but she did so effectively (although I have heard arguments that she never should have which is why I love these first two picks – it really gets people revved up).  In Uncanny X-Men #196, she gets in an argument with a group of guys.  She starts out innocently enough, but when one starts accusing her of being a “mutie” (which is a very derogatory name for a mutant) she responds back, asking him if he’s a “nigger”.  Kitty didn’t back down to anybody.

Kitty vs racist

She didn’t always have to use foul language, but she definitely had no problem getting in a racist’s face.  In Uncanny X-Men #210, her brother (in human form) leaps in between an injured Nightcrawler and an angry bunch of racist bar patrons.  Kitty follows suit, confronting the lynch mob and laying waste to their anger and dignity (and in the process, effectively comparing them to Nazi Germany).

Kitty vs bar part 1

Kitty vs bar part 2

It wasn’t always racism or regular folk Kitty would bring down.  Sometimes it would be literal gods.  Sure, often nothing could hurt her, but these guys could, no matter if she phased.  But Kitty didn’t care.  If they were threatening her friends or just all around bullies, they better beware of Shadowcat!  In Uncanny X-Men annual #9, she confronted the Norse god of Mischief, Loki, as he was set to destroy the X-Men and New Mutants.  She seemed powerless in front of such an imposing figure, but her words saved the mutants’ lives as it reminded Loki who was in charge.

Kitty vs Loki

Of course even Loki’s powers paled in comparison to the Beyonder.  Only Rachel Summers (aka Phoenix) stood any chance.  But as we see in Uncanny X-Men #203, that didn’t stop Kitty.  When it became evident that the Beyonder was just toying with the X-Men, making them realize their futility in the universe, Kitty called him on his shit and her rallying cry allowed Rachel to force the Beyonder away.

Kitty vs Beyonder

But the great thing about Kitty is she didn’t just stand up to bullies and bad guys and racists.  She stood up to her teammates.  As Professor Dumbledore said, “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”  Standing up to your friends and your family isn’t easy at 15 years old.  But in Uncanny X-Men #179, when the X-Men rushed in to save her from a fate she chose for herself, she had to stop them cold, reminding them that she must fix her own mistakes.

Kitty at Morlocks 1Kitty at Morlocks 2

And even years later, she would find herself needing to stand up to her friends and family.  These were the people who essentially raised her.  She was the young woman she turned out to be because of what they taught her in values.  But when she saw that they were wrong and had handled a situation horribly and were no longer dependable, she broke ties, letting them know in epic fashion in X-Men:  Battle of the Atom #2.

quit jean grey school

Kitty has given us some of the best speeches to make us think.  More than any other character.  I’m certain that she will give us more (especially with her finally leading her own team of X-Men in the upcoming X-Men:  Gold series).  And I can’t wait.

If I’ve missed any (and I’m certain I have), please, let me know.  Also, what are your favorite verbal thrashings from Kitty?  I will gather them together and most likely make a part 2 of this.  Hell, I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of Excalibur.

Thus endeth part 1 of the Kitty Monologues!