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This week in geekdom:  my comicbook pulls for Wednesday, June 14 are Generation X #3, Old Man Logan #25, Secret Empire #4, Secret Empire United #1, Weapon X #4, and X-Men Blue #5.  Plus, picked up some old Excalibur issues:  #98-99 and #101-102.

Also saw Wonder Woman today…LOVED it!  I honestly don’t see what problem people have with the Zack Snyder DCU.  Plus watched Logan on blu-ray with a friend who hadn’t yet seen it…her eyes got so wide when Professor X died!


X-Force #56 (July 1996)

Crazy for You
Artist:  Adam Pollina; Writer:  Jeph Loeb


We open with Shatterstar and Siryn playing a little game of “tag” (or “the one” as Shatterstar mistakenly calls it because he still has trouble understanding this reality’s games).  Shatterstar wins but in the reflection of one of his swords, Siryn sees Deadpool.  He’s not really there, of course.  It’s her suddenly remembering what happened at the Weisman Institute (no, you didn’t miss anything in my reviews…when I passed that period of time I didn’t have the issue in question so I skipped the review).  She explains to ‘Star as they drive a stolen ambulance, that Deadpool broke her out of the institute but then was captured himself.  Somebody made her forget how she escaped and due to that, she has no desire to tell either Cable or Professor X.  But she’s not the only one who’s been there.  Shatterstar senses something vaguely familiar about the place, even though he’s never been there either.

shatterstar vs siryn
even in the mid 90’s, they hinted at a “special” relationship between Rictor and Shatterstar

Once at the institute (for the criminally insane I might add) they cautiously enter, but Shatterstar quickly runs off by himself, not even telling Siryn he has left.  He creeps through the halls to find a computer where he finds a police report, revealing that his real name might be “Benjamin”.  He is suddenly discovered by Dr. Weisman, a 10 year old patient named Jeremy Stevens, and Deadpool.

Elsewhere in the corridors of the institute, Siryn searches for Deadpool.  He seems to pop out everywhere, leading her down the halls (giving his trademark humorous quips).  She enters one room and is confronted by a swarm of Deadpools, all unmasked, all looking like he did before the Weapon X program, and singing a parody of the Brady Bunch theme.  Through another door (a monstrous grinning face with red hair) she finds another bunch of Deadpools, this time with the scarred faces, singing “Help” by the Beatles..  They quickly turn on her, chasing after her with swords, claiming both that she knows too much and she knows nothing, but all wanting to kill her.

Poor Deadpool…

Through one last door, she finds another Deadpool, this one in a fetal position, mumbling to himself over and over again.  He asks if she is another one of “his games” and she realizes he’s the real deal.  She takes his sword and he asks her to kill him.  But before she can do or say anything, Dr. Weisman and Jeremy show up.  She attempts to goad Siryn into killing Deadpool, but Siryn turns the sword on Dr. Weisman, holding her against the wall.  Suddenly, the architect behind this asylum and Deadpool’s capture is revealed as the astral form of the Gamesmaster rises up, leaving a Dr. Wiseman to fall like a puppet whose strings were cut.  He retreats, leaving Wiseman and Jeremy behind to apologize for their roles (even though they were controlled by Gamesmaster).  Deadpool thanks Siryn with a kiss (through his mask though).

As Siryn leaves, she finally finds Shatterstar.  He explains that Gamesmaster revealed to him that his entire belief of being a warrior born in the Mojoverse, bred to fight, is a lie, and that his real name is Benjamin Russell and on top of that, Shatterstar thinks that the Gamesmaster wasn’t lying.


Pollina is pretty good this issue, even if I’m not a big fan of his style.  he nails a lot of the facial expressions and is great at capturing the emotions.  I still have some issues with Risque’s ridiculously short shorts (yes, she was in the story, but barely so I skipped over it), but overall, his Shatterstar and Siryn were spot on.

The story isn’t bad either.  it was something I never followed early on.  I had actually quit reading X-Force once Cannonball left (my favorite leaving combined with Pollina’s art made this my least favorite X-title) so this one was actually new this time around, one of my many comics I’ve purchased recently in trying to build up my missing titles of certain series.  It’s also nice, because for once, I don’t know how something will resolve itself.  I have no idea what happens with Shatterstar’s “revelations” at the end of this issue.

Unfortunately, I’ve never liked Gamesmaster.  Glad he just took off instead of rambling on or battling more openly.  He’s always been a crap character.

The mind%$^& that is the institute is also a nice touch.  I can honestly hear Ryan Reynolds singing as I read the lyrics.  It’s kind of fun.

Now it can get stuck in YOUR head!

*sing to the tune of “The Brady Bunch”*  Here’s the story!  About a merc named Wilson!  Who was dying from a cancer all alone!  He had quite the handsome pecs!  Like none other.  So they put him in a place called Weapon X!  The Wea…pon X!  The Weapon X!

On a similar note, I kind of like seeing a bit of humanity in Deadpool instead of just a smartass.  Seeing him vulnerable was a great addition to the character.

My biggest complaint about the issue?  One issue before the Onslaught crossover and not a single mention of him.