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Whew…life is busy, but amazingly, I’m actually finding time to get these out.  Which is nice because I’ve already read through to the end of the Onslaught saga and then stopped, figuring I should wait and catch up.  At least my old Spawn issues are keeping me company as I dig out comics from my old townhouse that I haven’t even looked at in years.


 Cable #33 (July 1996)

Never is a Very Short Time
Artist:  Ian Churchill & Rick Leonardi; Writer:  Jeph Loeb


Over the past few issues, Cable’s techno-virus has been getting worse and worse (I blame X-Man).  His telekinesis is no longer enough to keep it in check, so he’s having Beast examine him to see if there’s anything to be done or anything physically wrong with him.  Of course, this isn’t the Beast everybody knows (he’s Dark Beast – check this out for a quick explanation) and that might spell doom.

Storm stops by, but it’s more than just a social call.  She asks Cable to read her mind to try and discover a clue to the identity of Post (and, by extension, Onslaught).  Why she doesn’t go to Xavier is beyond me.  Cable tries, but finds that even the memory of Post has been masked in Storm’s mind.  Unfortunately, the strain takes its toll on Cable as he nearly collapses.  Domino shows up and not only gives him some cover (he has the flu) but also tells Cable that there was an explosion in Baltimore harbor.  Cable immediately leaves to investigate, leaving behind both Storm and Domino.  Because he has to do things alone.  Cause that’s how he rolls.

hehe…  “Stab his eyes”…  I never get tired of that.

Okay…so first things first…  he comes across a pair of detectives, checking out the harbor.  Many of you may not recognize the pair (picture below), but as a long-time fan of the show Homicide:  Life on the Streets, I immediately picked these two out as Tim Bayliss and Frank Pembleton.  That was such a nice little shoutout by Churchill and Loeb (no idea whose idea it actually was) and probably my favorite part of this issue just because it allowed me to geek out.

Blaquesmith’s ship is wrecked, but Cable is picking up the psychic remnants of somebody…the same psychic remnants he sensed in Storm’s mind.  Suddenly, a memory comes forth, images of a younger Post, held captive by the Mandarin.  Cable and GW Bridge burst in, looking for something to destroy (who knows…I don’t think we ever find out and it’s irrelevant).  As the Mandarin runs away (or rather is revealed to be a hologram because apparently all villains are only holograms), Cable finds Post, dying, and Cable decides then and there to save the tortured mutant.

His flashback is interrupted by Post ripping through the floor of the battleship and dragging Cable underwater!  The two slug it out, with Cable mostly trying to appeal to his old friend, remembering how in order to save “Tremaine” (Post’s real name), Cable gave him a blood transfusion…blood that was infected with the technoorganic virus.  Another punch knocks Cable out of the water, onto the pier.


Finally, Cable realizes who was behind the attacks…who was behind Blaquesmith’s murder, Post’s “resurrection”…only one being could have orchestrated everything.  He knows he has to get word to the X-Men, but he can’t even keep his virus under control, let alone send a telepathic message.  He rises to his feet, trying to find a way of getting a communication out, but he is once again ambushed by Post who beats him into unconsciousness.  Post won’t kill him, despite Onslaught’s insistence, but Cable definitely appears out for the count.

cable 2
Did someone get the license of that truck?


With the exception of the two main X-Men books, this is the only other X-title  to have a lead in to Onslaught and I loved it!  First of all, when all this came out, I loved Post.  Thought he was a great villain, despite being a glorified henchman!  Of course since they didn’t do anything with him he stayed that way and quickly got boring…especially once the writers didn’t know what to do with him and he ends up getting taken down easily in the Avengers (I’ll cover that briefly later on).  So this is one of those books that I loved when it came out…but now that I’ve read everything after it?  Not so much…

I also wasn’t too thrilled that Cable suddenly figures out who Onslaught is but because the big reveal was going to be in X-Men, he just had to dance around it a bit for the readers.  I get why they did it…but it still bugged me.

Still, the art is incredible…Ian Churchill is my favorite Cable artist by far.  Sure, he does the huge muscles and guns like every guy is out of the old Predator movie, but it’s all drawn so beautifully that I never really find myself caring.

Meet Detectives Pembleton and Bayliss.

And once again…having the uncredited cameo from the Homicide stars was just a great little easter egg!