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This week in geekdom:

Comic pull was somewhat light this week.  Only picked up my Totally Awesome Hulk #20 (which was released last week) and X-Men Gold #7.  I have to say…  X-Men Gold was definitely thrilling this week!


 Avengers #401 (August 1996)

Sins of the Father!
[Onslaught, Phase 1]


Writer:  Mark Waid
Breakdowns:  Mike Deodato
Finishes:  Tom Palmer

Captain America leads a team of Thor, Iron Man, Quicksilver, Vision, Scarlet Witch and…Gambit?  Why is Gambit the only X-Men member on this team?  Ugh…  Anyways, they load up in the Quinjet….in Avenger’s headquarters…wait, weren’t they just at the X-Mansion?  Did they need to go back to Avengers HQ so that Thor could remove his armor?  *sigh*

Joseph Rogue
aww…aren’t they cute?

The remaining Avengers, along with Iceman and Bishop, are heading over to FF plaza, but we’ll get to them later.  Mostly we get some reminiscing from Scarlet Witch about how horrible her father is.  Magneto.  That’s who they’re tracking down.  Meanwhile, Joseph and Rogue are in Norfolk, VA, waiting for their car to get fixed, enjoying the small town, when suddenly the quinjet shows up and lands…right in the middle of town.

Quicksilver wastes no time in assaulting Joseph/Magneto.  Hell, Quicksilver decks him before he even realizes that Rogue is with him.  Then Gambit and Rogue notice each other and Quicksilver takes another pass at Joseph but Vision stops him.  However, before Vision can fully question Joseph, Rogue’s had enough and the battle ensues.  Iron Man is taken down by Joseph and Rogue gives Thor a love tap.  Still, the rest of the Avengers cannot handle him, but when Joseph is a bit too rough with Wanda, he goes to her aid, not wishing her harm.

Rogue vs Thor
Rogue tries to take Thor to the woodshed…and fails

Quicksilver attempts another run at Joseph, this time with a large broken wood post, but the Witch intervenes, exploding the pier and soaking both Quicksilver and Joseph.  She explains that whoever Magneto was, Joseph is not the same person.  Everybody’s made up and they get on board the quinjet and fly off.


Okay…so I admit…I’ve never been a fan of the Avengers in the 90’s.  Heck, I’ve never been a big fan of them anywhere, but they grew on me in the early-mid 2000’s.  But the 90’s Avengers?  ugh.

I couldn’t believe the art was from Deodato.  Years later, I would honestly get excited when I’d hear he was the artist on one of my books, but here?  in 1996?  Maybe it’s the inker…but I couldn’t stand the art.  So much of the stuff looks like a lot of what Homage studios was cranking out at the time, ridiculously large breasts, silly poses, etc.  And just…the faces just bugged me.  I can’t really explain exactly why.

But it wasn’t just Deodato that left me disliking this issue so much.  First of all, it bugged the crap out of me that Gambit was the ONLY X-MAN to go with the Avengers.  All because they needed to conveniently give Rogue someone to interact with.  Considering that the X-Men and Avengers were teaming up, you’d think that one or two more would have gone with them.  Maybe divide up the forces a little more evenly.  But if you’re going to send a single mutant with them…why Gambit?  Hell, if you’re going after Magneto, Iceman would make a far better choice.

There’s also far too much exposition in this issue, explaining the problems Scarlet Witch has with her father.  Trust me.  Everybody around already knows (except maybe Iron Man since he’s actually a younger version of Tony Stark since the original one went insane and the Avengers had to go back in time…ugh, never mind…it’s a horribly convoluted and silly plot which is really saying something considering I read the X-Men).  So why go through it all again?  For the reader?  Just seems there were better ways to do it.

quicksilver vs joseph
Ah, water…the arch-nemesis of both speed and magnetism…

If I have to say one thing about this issue…I do enjoy seeing Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver work out their daddy issues, especially with Quicksilver trying to impale the man who he thinks is his father.

But like I said…I was never a fan of the Avengers in the 90’s.  Most of their good stories came before or after this era.  So maybe that’s the issue I had when I first read this book.  Sure, it’s necessary to bring Rogue and Joseph to the X-Men, but honestly, if you just get told “the Avengers went and picked up Rogue and Joseph” then you’ve learned all you need to from this book and there is literally ZERO benefit to reading it after that.