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Started watching the Defenders.  So psyched for this show!

This week’s comic book pulls are:  Cable #4, First Strike #2, Flash #29, Iceman #4, Secret Empire #9, Weapon X #7, and X-Men Gold #10.

Doing something a bit different for this one.  There are a bunch of “Impact” titles that ran through several Marvel Comics titles.  And honestly, I don’t feel like giving a full review of each issue because they aren’t really related to X-Men except that they’re tied into Onslaught.  So for each of them, I’ll just give a quick little review.  Some are good, some are bad, some are “what the %$^&”.


The Amazing Spider-Man #415

To my knowledge, Spider-Man has never really faced off against Sentinels before, so imagine his surprise when he finds one towering over his cab with his pregnant wife inside.  Oh…and it’s not really Spider-Man.  It’s Peter Parker who is actually clone of the original Peter Parker but thought himself the real Peter Parker and Spider-Man is really…ah, screw it.  Spider-Man was too damn confusing during this time.

Spider-Man vs Sentinel

Still, it’s a fun battle against the Sentinels.  Tom DeFalco always had a pretty good handle on Peter Parker and Mark Bagely is one of my favorite 90’s artists.  The Sentinels aren’t drawn fancy or anything…fairly plain.  But that’s what’s needed here, just a good ol’ fashion slug-fest between two Spider-Men and…something like a single Sentinel.  Really, it’s not hard to imagine how Spider-man dies in the DOFP storyline.  He’s a great character, but it takes all he has to beat a single Sentinel.


 Green Goblin #12

This is one of those titles I didn’t even know existed until I asked my Local Comic Store to pull all the Onslaught related titles for me.  It’s not about the Osborne Green Goblin, but rather has a kid who discovered a Green Goblin suit, flying around, having fun, trying to be a hero.  Of course, his suit isn’t much of a match for the Sentinels, but after dumping his entire bag of pumpkin bombs onto one’s head and then crashing his glider into it, he does manage to take down a single Sentinel.  Unfortunately, the resulting explosion destroys the circuitry in his helmet.


This one isn’t memorable, but you can look at that as bad or good.  It wasn’t memorable either way.  It’s not a terrible issue, but it just doesn’t really do anything for me.  I do think it’s interesting that it’s the next to last issue and involves the destruction of the suit (thus ending the series) and I thought it was odd that they would use the Onslaught story to do that.  I do like how it ties in (even having the same scene) to Amazing Spider-Man #415 when a Sentinel attacks the Daily Bugle.


 Spider-Man #72

In a direct sequel to Amazing Spider-Man #415, Spider-Man and Spider-man (er…for simplicity’s sake, we’ll call them Peter and Ben) team up to deal with as many Sentinels as possible.  Or rather…to deal with the three Sentinels that have targeted Ben Reilly.  In the end, Ben gets injured and the two manage to destroy not one, not two, but THREE Sentinels.  Um…that’s 3 down, hundreds to go.

Peter Parker

Honestly, this issue is probably my favorite of the Impact titles.  John Romita Jr, while his quality definitely slipped in later years, was at top of his form with this issue, and the use of shading was excellent and set a great mood.  It’s a fun battle and as long as you can forget the clone mess, it’s a reconciliation of sort between both Ben and Peter.  Definitely worth a read (and you don’t even need to read Amazing #415 first).


Punisher #11

As the Sentinels invade Manhattan, somebody has to keep the streets clean.  That’s what the Punisher is for.  Above Manhattan, the SHIELD helicarrier is checking things out, with SHIELD paraglide troopers (that’s seriously a thing?) flying around the Sentinels.  Then the Sentinels concentrate their fire on the helicarrier, dropping it from the sky like a rock.  A group of gang members figure this is a could time to get some advanced weaponry, but Punisher intervenes and manages to get everybody off the sinking helicarrier before it explodes.  By the end, GW Bridge (remember him from early X-Force and Cable?) drafts Punisher into temporarily working with SHIELD until the crisis is past.


Funny how we go from one of my favorite impact issues to one of my least favorite.  Don’t care for the art, don’t care for the story, don’t care for the fact that NOBODY DIES.  I mean, seriously…Punisher is shooting bullets, the gang members are shooting bullets, SHIELD is shooting bullets…and nobody gets shot???  And then everybody gets off the carrier JUST BEFORE IT BLOWS UP?  Ugh!


 Incredible Hulk #445

This one ties in a bit more to Onslaught, as the Hulk is just sitting around with all the other heroes, waiting for them to make a move against Onslaught.  Finally, his impatience gets the best of him and he heads off to beat the crap outta the bad guy.  Despite nobody really trusting him, he manages to get Hawkeye, Falcon, Vision, and Crystal to go with him.  Digging his own tunnel underneath Central Park, the Hulk and company pop up to face off against the big baddie.  However it’s not quite that simple.  Onslaught destroys Vision, blasts both Falcon and Hawkeye, and slaughters Crystal.  But not Hulk.  Hulk pounds Onslaught until he is nothing but red smashed armor.  He cheers in victory, not caring that his companions are dead because he won.  Unfortunately, he then sees that it was all in his head.  And in his companions’ heads.  They now see how little he actually cared for them.  With his head held low (figuratively speaking), Hulk and company return to base.

vision death

While I still didn’t care for the art or color of this book (much like Hulk #444), I did really enjoy the theme of this story.  Hulk spends it as an outcast, looking like a monster and being treated like a monster (at least in his own head) and finally ends up actually being the monster.


 Iron Man #332

Iron Man (kid Iron Man, that is…remember how crazy the 90’s were?), Quicksilver, Black Panther, and Giant Man sneak through the sewers, hoping to find their way to the Wakandan consulate in New York, needing the supplies to create several copies of psi-armor (developed by Xavier).  Giant Man and Quicksilver distract the Sentinels, while Iron Man and Panther gain access to the consulate.  They manage to put together a single copy of the armor, using the available vibranium, just as a Sentinel rips open the roof.  Iron Man takes it down and they manage to escape, heading back to Four Freedoms Plaza to prepare for the final assault.

quicksilver giant-man

The artwork is really uninspiring and downright silly at times (Iron Man’s mask can actually do facial expressions???).  And let’s not forget that they mention crafting only one psi-armor, but Iron Man is seen carrying many more, and they’re somehow able to craft even a single one in the short amount of time that Giant-Man and Quicksilver are battling Sentinels.  Oh…and the plans for the armor WERE DESTROYED.  Ugh!  Continuity sucks but when dealing with a big crossover, you’d think they’d do a better job keeping it straight.


Avengers #402

As Onslaught’s wrath rages throughout the city, the Avengers do what they can to contain the bedlam, saving anybody they are able to.  But the entire city is in a panic.  And to make matters worse, the X-Men run across two foes who have often given the X-Men trouble:  Post and Holocaust.  At first, it seems that the henchmen of Onslaught would be victorious, able to beat down even Thor.  Captain America appears disheartened.  But then, it is revealed that he is just thinking of a strategy and with Cap’s quick thinking, Holocaust defeats Post and the remaining Avengers turn on the child of Apocalypse and beat him with relative ease, much to the excitement of the crowd.

Post Holocaust

The art isn’t great, but I think fits things perfectly.  Sure, there’s sometimes so much going on and a lot of the detail is lost, but Deodato’s breakdowns convey the panic perfectly.  And watching Captain America’s apparent mental breakdown as Holocaust and Post almost claim their victory but then a single action from Cap turns the tide, reminds you of why Captain America is so awesome in the first place.  It ends on such a high note that you almost want to cheer along with the crowd…
…If only this weren’t part of Onslaught and you now have to follow them back into the story.


Whew…so that’s it for the non-X-Impacts.  I only have a couple more Impact issues to cover:  Generation X #19, X-Men Unlimited #12, and Wolverine #105.  Onslaught is getting close to the end, but still lots to cover.  I’m getting kind of excited…mostly because I can’t wait until it’s over and I can get on to non-Onslaught issues…